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Hi, welcome to The Phantom Menace: The Holiday. Tired of the internet-fueled hatred aimed at  The Phantom Menace over the past 13 years (with some exceptions, like these fantastic sites: and ), I’ve decided to try to balance the sour suck of these grousing grumps with something FUN. I know that the concept of celebrating The Phantom Menace as a holiday sounds absurd, and yeah, it is—but make no mistake: I LOVE The Phantom Menace. There will be no apologies from me for ANYTHING in that movie, from Jar Jar Binks to “Yippeeeeee”. You’ll never hear, “Well, the final duel with Darth Maul is pretty cool, but that’s about it” here. If you love The Phantom Menace and have had to live in secret shame for the past 13 years, this is your safe place!

How do you “celebrate” The Phantom Menace Holiday?? I don’t know, exactly—I’ll be figuring it out as I go. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been decorating our house for the holiday, and I won’t stop until it’s ridiculous enough to take and post pictures of. Of course, like any holiday worth its salt, it’s not solely about putting up decorations. The “true meaning” of The Phantom Menace Holiday, to me, is about defiance, and about loving what you love even if the whole world is against you (and it really seems like that’s the case if you’ve been on-line for at least five minutes since 1999). Even if I just made that up as I was typing this, it sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 

Though I’m totally prepared to celebrate this new holiday alone, I’d prefer not to…I’d rather it was like Halloween or Thanksgiving than a birthday, does that make sense? I encourage you to comment or add pictures or links or whatever you want. When you make up your own holiday, there really are no rules! I’ll likely post at least once a day here, so check back tomorrow when you’re bored at work. Please join the Facebook group, too!:


p.s.—oh yeah, I forgot—Twitter,even!:!/tpmholiday

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