Phantom Menace Holiday Decorations, part 1!

As I threatened in the very first post I made back in January, I finally have pictures of the Phantom Menace holiday decorating I started doing shortly after Christmas. Generally with Star Wars stuff, I don’t like to make our whole house feel like a toy store, and usually will only put one or two small SW things on display in the living room/dining room—it maximizes the impact of my studio/office, which is a never-ending rotating Star Wars palace.I kept everything in the photos up from January through the end of April, when it just felt that the time was right to take it all down. The eventual Part 2 will feature the stuff in the studio, which I’m keeping exclusively TPM throughout the rest of the year…until I rotate that out in early 2013 for Attack of the Clones Stuff!

So please check out the link to the Flickr set to see how this:

…turned into THIS:

Phantom Menace Holiday Decorations, Part 1: January-April, 2012 on Flickr

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