A Quick History of 3.75” Jar Jar Action Figures: Jar Jar June Day 14

3.75” action figures are the bread and butter of Star Wars merchandise, and they’ve been a huge part of my whole Star Wars world since I was 5 years old in 1978.
                 1978-I’m holding Chewie, there’s a Stormtrooper on
                 the right, and R2 and 3PO are under my little sister’s
                 purse or whatever that pink thing is

To provide background for a few upcoming posts, here’s a quick tour through the 9 different Jar Jar Binks figures that Hasbro has produced in the past 13 years.
It’s kind of a bummer that less than half of them were made in the past 10 years, but at least there’ll be 2 (or 3, including the carbonite Jar Jar) new ones by the end of 2012.
Is it too much to ask for a mournful Revenge of the Sith Funeral Procession Jar Jar figure??

                              Episode I Jar Jar-1999
The classic! This Jar Jar is as iconic to me as any vintage Kenner figure that I grew up with. Still my favorite JJB figure.

                                Ep.I “Cinema Scene” Jar Jar-1999
Oh man. Not the best JJB figure by a longshot, though I feel like if his paintjob was vastly improved, the whole figure would look better. He came with Sebulba and Anakin…and a mouth smeared with red lipstick.

                                Ep.1 Kaadu with Jar Jar-1999
Goofy, but in a way that totally works for me. Until 2012, he was the only JJB with knee joints, even though when he’s standing up, he looks bow-legged. Bonus points for the cool Gungan energy ball Atlatl he comes with.

           Ep.I “Invasion Force” Jar Jar with Gungan Cannon-2000
Although this Jar Jar’s legs are non-moveable, I’ve always liked this figure, and the pissed-off look in his eyes is an uncharacteristic but nice touch.

                        Ep.I “Swimming” Jar Jar-2000
For years, I think this was a lot of people’s favorite Jar Jar figure due to his jointed ankles and head, and he is a great figure…but I’ve never had one that easily stood on his own two feet, which can be a problem! He does come with a fish, though, so there’s that…

                               Power of the Jedi “Tatooine” Jar Jar-2001
Love this one. His tongue is non-removable, but it’s glued more securely in his mouth than you might initially think. The folded-up Pit Droid he came with is a perfect accessory for him.

                     Attack of the Clones (Saga) Senator Jar Jar-2002
Though I’m happy that Hasbro made an AOTC Jar Jar, man, this figure sucks. He’s stuck in a weird and contorted pose (like most SW figures from 2002 were), and there’s no way you can get this figure to look neutral/natural. I reeeeeallly hope there’s a new AOTC Jar Jar in 2013 for the presumed 3D release of AOTC (if they’d ever announce it…)

                              The Clone Wars Jar Jar-2008+2010
Awesome. I wish the paintjob on his head was a tiny bit better, but it’s not worth complaining, because the overall figure is a lot of fun. Since Hasbro is making some Clone Wars characters in a more “realistic” style starting this year, my dream would be that they’d do a realistic TCW Jar Jar with his bizarre purple gear…but I’m not holding my breath!

                             Movie Heroes Jar Jar-2012
I expressed my angst(?!?) over this figure here, but then made peace with him here. He’s okay, but I have high hopes for the “Vintage” Jar Jar figure coming out in a few months.

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