Be@rbricked Binks: Jar Jar June Day 15

First, today’s JJJ entry was supposed to be “Jar Jar ‘80”, which, due to unforeseen circumstances far beyond my control, will now appear on Monday, June 18 (Day 18). I’m sorry—especially if you’ve planned your entire weekend around “Jar Jar ‘80”! Hopefully, it’ll be worth the wait.

Instead, today’s installment of Jar Jar June features the Be@rbrick Jar Jar that was available recently at 7-11 stores in Japan to promote The Phantom Menace’s 3D release. If you’re not familiar with Be@rbrick figures, they’re made by the Japanese company MediCom, and are very similar to their popular Kubrick figures—except that they all share a bear-shaped body and head. God only knows how many different Be@bricks have been released; you can get a taste of the vast array of them here. They come in different sizes, designated with various percentages; a “normal-sized” Be@rbrick is “100%”, a huge Be@rbrick is “1000%”—you get the picture. The Jar Jar below is a “70%” Be@brick, and came in a TPM-themed set of 8 that also included Threepio, Artoo, Yoda, a Battle Droid, Darth Maul, Darth Vader (hey, he wasn’t in TPM!), and a TPM3D Logo figure. They’re intended to be cell phone straps, like these, and so they all have metal hooks and strings drilled into their heads.

Some characters translate very awkwardly to Be@rbrick form (Ewoks work great—R2-D2, not so much), but Jar Jar is a perfect fit:
                               "Helppppp!! Meesa suffffocaaaatinggggg!"

Using the bear ears for Jar Jar’s eye stalks makes the whole figure work. I would even go so far as to say it’s inspired!

          "Aggghhhhh!! Meesa still havin’ a metal spike in meesa head!"

I’m on the record as being completely against little figures that have keychain/strap things screwed into their heads, so after taking this picture, I spent about 10 seconds removing it and relieving the pressure on poor Jar Jar’s brain…Now he can think clearly again!

                  “The damage was permanent on meesa brain!!”

Though I’ll never forgive Kubrick figures for making their Jar Jar a stupid “chase” figure, and therefore prohibitively expensive (why would you do that with a MAIN character?? Kubrick? Cruelbrick.), I’m delighted to have this friendly Jar Jar Be@rbrick figure lighting up my life like Debby Boone(wtf).


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