Jar Jar ‘80: Jar Jar June Day 18

                                               Jar Jar ‘80!
                                     (click on pics for larger images!)

                                     “Yousa could USE a good kiss!”

                                      “Then meesa seein’ yousa in HELL!”

             “And meesa thinkin’ theysa stinkowiffed bad on the outside!”


                                    “WHOSA scruffy-lookin’?”

                                           Probot Suicide!

                                        Asteroid Chase!

                                          “Meesa nice hissen…”


       "YOUSA’s ship? Remember, yousa lost her to meesa fair and square!"


                               “I love you!”
                                              “Meesa know.”

                                       En Route to Jabba’s Palace!

                                   An Uncertain Fate!

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