The Many Tongues of Jar Jar Binks: Jar Jar June Day 27

When I had first started planning out Jar Jar June months ago (though I’m pretty sure my friend Karen had requested a Jar Jar month a year or two ago, after I did a lower-scale “Bossk Month” on facebook), I thought a chunk of it would be comprised of various essays I’d write on esoteric JJB-centric topics. It didn’t really turn out that way, in part because a lot of what I would’ve said was covered in the various other entries I did, and in part because the gist of what I would have written had already been written by other people. So here are those essays, in order of date of “publication”, along with a couple of guest pieces specially written for Jar Jar June!

The Case for Jar Jar
by Paul F. McDonald
from The Star Wars Heresies
A tour de force! Paul has a book coming out in Autumn 2013 that will be a scholarly analysis of The Prequel Trilogy, which is bound (no pun intended) to be a riveting read. When it’s published, send it to the next person who emails you some prequel-hating youtube video.

The Phantom Menace Misfit Manifesto
by Candy Wilder
Though not strictly about Jar Jar, Candy’s ‘Misfit Manifesto’ is completely about the spirit of Jar Jar, and she kindly allowed me to repost it here on TPM:TH.

I Am Jarticus
by Adam D. Bram
from Nilbog’s Storybook Land
Adam wrote this in honor of Jar Jar June, and he reveals his true identity at last: HE is Jar Jar. That means that if you address an envelope (filled with money) to “Jar Jar Binks”, it’ll show up at Adam’s house.

Moves Like Jar Jar
by Lazy Padawan
from The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society
I made a special request to Lazy Padawan to write something for Jar Jar June, and she didn’t dissapoint. If you need to, listen to this while you read LP’s vastly improved lyrics (Maroon 5 was created in a laboratory by greedy Swiss record company executives.)
In general, I can’t recommend enough that you regularly visit The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society. Lazy Padawan has been at it for 5 years, and does a far better job passionately promoting the legacy of the Star Wars Prequels and The Clone Wars than any official Lucasfilm company or employee does. Don’t misinterpret the name of the SWPAS—the mission there isn’t to tear down the Original Star Wars Trilogy; it’s to recognize that the Prequel Trilogy and The Clone Wars are just as classic as what came before, and to see Star Wars as it is: a unified Saga officially encompassing 6 movies and The Clone Wars. In addition to being extremely supportive of TPM:TH from day one, I found everybody else listed above through Lazy Padawan. If you need me to put it in recent blockbuster context, LP is the Nick Fury of enlightened Star Wars fandom. And if you  desire intelligent Star Wars discussion that doesn’t ever degenerate into “HAN SHOT FIRST!” hysterics, check out the SWPAS forums, too.

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