Jar Jar ‘83: Jar Jar June Day 29

                             As ever, click on the pics to enlarge them!

                              Jar Jar ‘83—Return of the Jedi!

                                The Carbonite Melts!

                      "Whosa there?" "Someone who loves you."

"Jabba, meesa payin’ you triple! Yousa throwin’ away a fortune!"

                        “Good, meesa hatin’ longo waitin’.”

"Threepio, yousa tell that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth that heesa gettin’ no such pleasure from weesa!"

                               “Boba Fett? Wheresa?”

               “I thought you were blind?!” “It’s alright, trust meesa!”

                          "Yousa the respectable hissen, remember?"

                                  Jar Jar vs. Biker Scout…to the DEATH!

                              Snared in the Ewoks’ Trap!

                                   Teebo vs. Jar Jar!

                                    Barbecued Gungan, ala Ewok

                  “But yousa could tell Luke? Is that whosa yousa could tell?”

                                     The Battle of Endor!

                                     “Meesa love yousa…”

                                      Wicket the Wet Blanket

                                                The End!

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Come back tomorrow for the last day of Jar Jar June! Thanks for making it this far!


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