Jar Jar June Closing Ceremonies: Jar Jar June Day 30

Thank you very much to everybody who commented, read, or shared Jar Jar June, and a special thanks to my wife for her invaluable assistance and support throughout the whole month.

Though Jar Jar June 2012 is now over, The Phantom Menace: The Holiday will of course continue after I take a short break—the party will start again a few days after the Fourth of July. If you’re distraught about the end of Jar Jar June, don’t worry—I’ve only scratched the surface of the Glorious Gungan, and I’ll have tons more to say about him. Maybe Santa Claus will bring Jar Jar January 2013…

To experience Jar Jar June all over again, here’s an index of every post by title:
Jar Jar June Index                                    



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